Miracle's Life and Color Changes in Pictures: 1998 through 2000....
<- Miracle, 2 Years Old
July, 1997
(A Month Before She
Turned 3 Years Old)
Miracle, 4 Years Old ->
Shortly After
Her Birthday,
August, 1998
Miracle - >
Spring, 2000
Miracle is now (2001) in great shape, no limp, and fully recovered from the toe abcess and bone removal in September, 1999. That, in itself, is miraculous since apparently buffalo do not normally survive aenesthetic.  Although many attempts were made, she refused to be loaded for the trip to the university vet hospital.  Finally, the Heiders decided she knew what she was doing in not wanting to leave the land and her home.  They ended up doing the rare surgical procedure right on the farm with the local vet in consultation by phone with a specialist in Canada.  Even so, it cost the Heider family $5,000 out of their pocket to save her life.  They did this, and do what they do, because they believe Miracle is a gift to be shared with the hearts of all people.  The picture above shows them getting Miracle ready for surgery.
<- Miracle With Her Mate, JYBD
Spring, 2000
<- Miracle
August 17, 2000
The Day Before