Prayer ceremony calls for peace, unity

By Debra Jensen-De Hart
Beloit Daily News staff writer

Beloit Daily News
Saturday - May 24, 1997

The grass inside the lodge (teepee) was still cool to the touch on Friday morning as about 15 people sat down in a circle around Arvol Looking Horse to hear his prayer.

``A long time ago we were told family is very strong _ you share your feelings,'' he began as a spirit of reverence bonded the small group.

A long time ago tradition held families together and leaders were more helpful in a humble way, being peaceful and understanding, he said.

``I'd like to pray today to create a family of peace and unity,'' said the keeper of the sacred pipe for the Sioux Nation.

His universal plea for peace and unity, for family strength and respect for the Earth took place at the Dave and Val Heider farm, where ``Miracle'' the white buffalo was born. The ceremony preceded the visits of about 450 children.

The children came as part of an educational field trip to learn more about Native Americans.

``We are living in a time of chaos, but we can get back to a time of peace so that our children can feel the presence of who we are,'' he continued.

``We have a lot of children today who we say don't have an identity. There's a lot of abuse, misuse, violence and anger. Many of our relatives get caught in that cycle. Today we need that understanding of prayer so they can have peace, identity, love and care,'' he said.

``People need to unite spiritually _ that's what I want to pray for _ unite our dreams and our visions and these signs will be a help to our nations.''

And, ``We need to be humble about these signs, these miracles, because the creator made all things a part of Mother Earth.''
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