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From Steven McFadden
Vol. 7  No. 4
© April, 2002

Great White Hopes

The drums of war beat steadily tumultuously through this parched season of lengthening days, yet for those who are listening carefully subtle notes of hope arise amidst the din.

One resonant note of hope over the last eight years has been the emergence of the White Buffaloes. According to ancient understandings of North America, the white buffalo is deemed a sign of great importance. In our time of immense global woe, to have 10 such buffaloes come into the world  a veritable herd  amplifies the ray of hope the buffalo represent.

Here¹s a roundup of news on these remarkable harbingers.

On March 19, the Chicago Tribune featured a story updating the news on Miracle, the first white buffalo, who was born August 20, 1994 in Janesville, WI.

Tribune reporter William Hageman wrote that since Miracle¹s birth almost a half-million people have visited the Heider farm. The visitors come in such large numbers because, as related in Chapter 9 of Legend of the Rainbow Warriors, Miracle was said to be a sign of the fulfillment of a centuries-old Native American prophecy: the return of the spirit of Pte San Win (White Buffalo Calf Maiden).

One Lakota spiritual interpreter, Floyd Hand from Pine Ridge, S.D., likens the white buffalo legend to other spiritual teachings such as the Seminoles' Corn Lady and the folk traditions surrounding Our Lady of Guadeloupe and other apparitions of the Virgin Mary. "They're all kind of the same focus," Hand said. "She (White Buffalo Woman) is an avatar, a starperson. Jesus was one of them, and so is this mother who came home to us again."

White Buffalo Calf Maiden, who came among the Indian people 19 generations ago to teach, promised she would someday return. She told the people that the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that her return was imminent, at which time she would help to purify the world.

A year before the birth of Miracle, Mr. Hand told the Tribune, White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to him in a vision and told him the sign would soon come. She also prophesied several events: turbulent times in the United States starting in 2003, water becoming "as rare as gold," war and natural disasters -- all meant to get America back on a more spiritual path, according to Mr. Hand.

Since1994 Miracle has matured and become a mother herself. She had calves in 1998 and 2000, neither of them white. She could live, and produce calves, for another couple of decades.

The Tribune story ends with a quote from farmer Dave Heider about the teachings of the white buffalo: "there's still another part of the legend to be fulfilled. The prophecy said she'd turn white again when there was peace in the world"

For the full Chicago Tribune story, try this link:

To learn more about Miracle directly from the Heider farm, visit:

Among the nine other white buffaloes born since Miracle came on the scene, are three who are part of a herd managed by Jim and Dena Riley. The Rileys and their herd relocated over the winter from South Dakota to what is familiar territory for them: Flagstaff, AZ, just south of the Grand Canyon.

Thus, from now on as visitors head for one of the natural wonders of the world, they will drive by the front gate to Spirit Mountain Ranch and, hopefully, have an opportunity to visit Miracle Moon, Rainbow Spirit, and Peace Pilgrim  three related white buffalo.

However, all is not well. The Planning and Zoning Commission of Coconino County, AZ, has denied a request from the Rileys to open the gates of Spirit Mountain Ranch to the public. Their ruling stated that the buffalo don't belong there, and that their presence would create a "carnival" atmosphere. The Rileys have appealed to the board of supervisors and a hearing  deciding the fate of the white buffalo in Northern Arizona  has been set for April 16th, 2002. The Rileys are asking for help. They need people to show support for the ranch. If you have questions or would like to be in contact to lend support, call Barry at 928-649-8509 or e-mail him:

If you are visiting in Arizona, you can get to the ranch by heading from Flagstaff toward the Grand Canyon on Hwy 180. After 20 miles you¹ll reach a prairie called Kendrick Park. On the right you will see a brown building with a picture of the white buffalo on the side. The white buffalo are living, fenced in, on the North side of the building.

For more information visit the ranch¹s web site:

At the ranch¹s web site you can sign up on a free list to get news updates in your email.

The ninth white buffalo calf was born less than a year ago on August 7, 2001 Double E Buffalo Ranch in Vanderbilt, MI, the ranch of Beth and Ron O'Rourke and their daughter, Emily.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Original Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations named the ninth calf Wahos'i, which in English means "Messenger."

To learn more about Wahos'i, try this link:

Chief Arvol Looking Horse sent the following message to the O¹Rourke family: "We were told that White Buffalo Calf Woman's spirit would make her presence known, a sign of great changes signifying the Crossroads (for humanity). I never dreamed I would live to witness this momentous time White Buffalo Calf Woman's spirit has announced her message of support in this time of great danger, and she continues to announce the message in the birth of each White Buffalo -- each one of them a sign, each one a fulfillment of ancient prophecy as well as a new prophecy for our times."

Chief Looking Horse has written a book entitled "White Buffalo Teachings."  The book is published by Dreamkeepers Press:

I have no news to report yet on the tenth white buffalo, but I¹ll be on the lookout.
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