A Wisconsin miracle
By Jackie Loohauis

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: JS Online
February 7, 2001
To some people she was an adorable little buffalo calf. To others, she was a spiritual miracle.  When Miracle the Buffalo was born on the farm of Dave and Valerie Heider in Janesville in 1994, she kindled feelings across the country. She is thought to be the first true white buffalo calf born since 1933, and she was viewed as a sacred gift, not only to Native Americans but to all peoples. She gathered headlines across the country.

Today, Miracle is a mom, and a new Web star. The Heiders have just posted "Miracle's Web site" at www.homestead.com/WhiteBuffaloMiracle/index.html and it's a beaut. There's a warm explanation of Miracle's importance as a sacred symbol and links to Native American Web sites concerning the White Buffalo Prophecy.

Dave Heider explained what the family was trying to do with the home page. "We get a lot of people interested in Miracle from all over the world and they were having trouble finding information on her. What we want to do is keep a weekly update on her and if there's going to be Native American ceremonies. We also wanted to tell people that we will have a teepee where they can spend the night next to Miracle. Stephanie M. Schwartz, who did the Web site, was just overwhelmed at what she felt when she saw Miracle when she came here, and she wanted to do the site."
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