Message about Grandpa Gerry Passing
from Long-Time Miracle Volunteer, Mike Bryan:

February 8, 2005


It is with a saddened heart I send this e-mail about the death of Grandpa Gerry (Pierce) on February 7, 2005. Grandpa Jerry is Val Heider's father from Janesville, Wisconsin. The Heider farm was the home of the deceased White Buffalo, "Miracle".

Miracle, as you will remember, died back in September, and so Grandpa Gerry went home to be with her yesterday afternoon...... I was told he died peacefully in his sleep after lunch' .....Waste' , Wopila........ [Lakota language for, "This was a good way, I offer a sacred thank you"].

"Grandpa",  as many called him, was the old-timer who had met and greeted most of the over 400,000 people to come and visit Miracle on the farm in the last 10 years......... I called him the "Ambassador of Peace ". And he truly was !!!!! He always had time for whoever came to the farm.... he listened to many a need from people showing up needing some kind of healing or encouragement... he always had a funny story or experience and most people left more peaceful after seeing him and Miracle.... The Creator worked through them both and all of the Heiders. Grandpa was a humble man as I knew him and he love to laugh and joke. It was my privilege and honor to call him friend........... I loved him.

Grandma Doris, his wife, is ailing though still with us and I know She, Val & Dave and all the family will miss him terribly. Please keep them all in your prayers and be Happy for "Grandpa "............... I will miss him though I know he is with Miracle and the Creator now......They will continue to look out for us all.

The Services have not been finalized yet and I will forward them when I find the meantime if anyone wants to send a Card to the Heiders' or Grandma Doris Peirce you can send it to the farm at 2739 S.River Rd., Janesville, Wisconcin 53546 

Mitakuye Oyasin........Respectfully, Mike Bryan