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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Miracle - The White Buffalo Calf Passes To Spirit World

Greetings from Tony Palmer (President - Oyate Music Recordings).

As many of you may already know by now, MIRACLE - The White Buffalo Calf, which was born in 1992, passed into the spirit world this past weekend.

I can remember when I attended the first ceremonies in dedication to her birth in Jaynesville, Wisconsin. I remember how the man who owned the ranch and herd from which she came was overwhelmed by the TENS of THOUSANDS of people from all walks of life which descended upon his little ranch and the open arms with which he welcomed each and everyone of these people.

Many Native elders from around the world celebrated the coming of the "white buffalo calf" as the prophecy's had spoken about for many years before, that it's birth would be the beginning of the "coming together of all of the peoples of the world."

There was four days of intensive ceremonial and spiritual rituals performed by many elders and medicine people, and we all rejoiced at her birth!

After the four days of ceremonies, many went on their way back home.
But this was NOT the end.

Over the next 10 years, it has been estimated that over 1 MILLION people have visited the little ranch in Wisconsin to see MIRACLE.

The gate which opened into the original "pen" where she was born has been taken down and replaced many many times, as the weight of the offering placed upon it would not allow for it to stay in its original position. Yet another testimony to the adulation which was bestowed upon her in her life.

Miracle changed color four times as it was said that she would through many Native American visions, representing the four colors of the "people of the world," and each time there seemed to be a "shift" in the affairs of the world around us. This too was foretold and was welcomed each time with another ceremony.

I am a young man, who does not understand the "ways" of the ancestors. I cannot and would not begin to comment on the the passing of this incredible four-legged, who brought much hope and happiness to myself and others, or the underlying meaning of her passing. I am not one who knows these things. This is better left to our elders to pray, meditate and comment on.......

I can say that for myself, I have been "touched" more deeply by very few experiences in my lifetime as I was when I witnessed firsthand the MIRACLE as she came bounding from the barn on a cold winters morning all of those years ago.

It was a unforgettable experience that I thank the Creator everyday of my life, that I was given the opportunity to be a part of that incredible event!

I hope and pray that her life was not a waste.
I hope and pray that the "coming together of all people" in peace and harmony will take place as it has been spoken about, through her existence.
I ask that we stop warring against one another and remember the words of our old ones.......  "MITAKUYE OYASIN - WE ARE ALL RELATED!


Go in peace dear friend.......
You will not be forgotten by this man.

Mitakuye Oyasin - we are ALL related!

Tony Palmer - President / Producer
Oyate Music Recordings -
"Bringing You The Best In Native Music!"

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