In Memory,
Grandpa Gerald G. Pierce

December 15, 1925 - February 7, 2005
Tributes and Articles About Grandpa Gerry:

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Obituary from The Janesville Gazette
Grandpa Gerry PIerce, a strong man of gentle heart and enormous kindness crossed over on February 7, 2005.... just five months after his beloved Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, walked on into her Journey.

We thank Creator for the blessing of his life here and for the enormous privilege of having known him.

A man who walked his talk, he touched the hearts of everyone he ever met .  As long as there are memories in us, he will still live on earth.

Our hearts and our love go out to his wife, Doris, and his daughter, Valerie Heider and her husband Dave, and to all the PIerce family members in their loss.  Our prayers are with them.

But we celebrate with Grandpa Gerry in his journey's new life.  We rejoice with him that he is no longer in pain and that he is happy and dancing again.

That his spirit and Miracle's spirit are together, there is no doubt.

Wakan Tanka nici un, Gerry..... May the Great Mystery be with you and bless you always.

Stephanie M. Schwartz
Volunteer Webmaster,
Miracle's Website